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Upper Valley Disposal & Recycling offer many ways for single family residents and multifamily dwellings and tenants to dispose of unwanted items that cannot go in the curbside carts/bins.  If your items are still useful, we suggest that you try and find a reuse center that will take it as a donation before calling UVD&R to schedule a collection. 

This includes Bulky Item Collection, Motor Oil & Filters Collection, and Ink Cartridge Mail-in Recycling.

Bulky Item Collection

The Bulky Item Collection program is available to all single family residents and multifamily tenants, including mobile home residents, who have their own service and multifamily residents who have their own service and are responsible for the bill.  

Multifamily Dwellings with shared service and the property pays the bill are allowed 2 collective collections per year at no charge for the apartment building. Once these are used, items can be collected for a fee per item. The property manager must call to request a collection for the property.  Collections cannot be requested by individual tenants.

If you are a single family resident, mobile home tenant or multifamily tenant with your own service and you pay your own bill, you can email us through the inquiry form or call the office (707) 963-7988 to request a bulky item collection.

Collection Guidelines

  • You may request up to two (2) bulky item collection pick ups per year.
  • You must call our office at (707) 963-7988 to schedule a collection at least 24 hours prior to your regular collection day.
  • Collection of these items will be on your regular collection day in a Bulky Item Collection vehicle.
  • Cancelation of this service MUST happen by 4pm the day before the scheduled collection to avoid forfeiting this collection in the future at no cost.
  • Items cannot be longer than 8 feet or taller than 6 feet.
  • Items must weigh less than 200 pounds.
  • Items must be easily moved by one person and can be collected without the assistance of special loading equipment (such as fork lifts or cranes).

What counts a bulky item?

Bulky items include discarded appliances, furniture, tires, carpets, mattresses, and similar large items. It does not include abandoned automobiles, large auto parts, or trees.

What Items Can Be Picked Up Per Collection?

For each collection we can pick up:

  • 2 Bulky Items
  • 2 Appliances (if Freon is not removed, then only 1 appliance is allowed)
  • 5 E-Waste Items

Bulky Item Collection


Electronic waste or “E-Waste” means discarded electronic equipment including, but not limited to, televisions, computer monitors, central processing units (CPUs), laptop computers, computer peripherals (including external hard drives, keyboards, scanners, and mice), printers, copiers, facsimile machines, radios, stereos, stereo speakers, VCRs, DVDs, camcorders, microwaves, telephones, cellular telephones, and other electronic devices. Some E-Waste or components thereof may be Hazardous Waste or include Hazardous Substances and thus require special handling, Processing, or Disposal.

What is NOT accepted in this program?

Prohibited items are solid waste, organic materials, hazardous waste, recyclable materials, automobiles, large auto parts, or trees.

Schedule a Bulky Item Collection

If you are a property manager of an apartment building with shared services and one collective bill, call us today and we will get you on our schedule!

If you are a tenant with your own services and are responsible for paying your own bill directly to UVD&R, you too can call and request a collection.

Contact UVD&R

Used Motor Oil & Filters Collection

Did you know that used motor oil never wears out? It just gets dirty and can be recycled, cleaned, and used again. Recycling used motor oil conserves a natural resource (oil) and is also good for the environment. Motor oil poured onto the ground, into storm drains, or tossed into trash cans (even in a sealed container) can contaminate and pollute the soil, groundwater, streams, and rivers. It’s also illegal. Recycling your used motor oil reduces this pollution threat.

Residents can call our office at (707) 963-7988 and request a “Used Oil Recovery Kit” at no cost. Each kit contains: one (1) reusable 2.5 gallon plastic jug and one (1) plastic resealable bag for the oil filter. Once you have your kit, call the office so a work order can be made to collect the oil and filter on your collection day. Without a work order, the used oil & filter cannot be collected.

Used Motor Oil Recycling

Ink Cartridge Mail-In Recycling Program

Currently only 30% of ink cartridges are recycled. It’s estimated that over 375 million cartridges are thrown away each year!

We want to keep these items out of landfills and you can help out at no cost to you with the Free Mail-in Ink Recycling Service.

Just follow these steps:

  • Gather 4 or more empty or used ink cartridges.
  • Request a free shipping label from the 
  • Place items in an envelope with the label attached.
  • Hand to your postal carrier.
  • All ink cartridges are accepted, regardless of their make, model, or condition.
    Please note: No toner, LaserJet cartridges or drums are accepted.


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