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Upper Valley Disposal & Recycling and Clover Flat Resource Recovery Park have been in operation for nearly 60 years. The companies are environmental leaders recognized for their innovation and ingenuity by National Geographic, California Department of Food & Agriculture, CalRecycle, OMRI, among others.

Kids at the Clover Flat Landfill

Our History

In 1959, Bob Pestoni returned home from his military service to help with the family farm. He added hogs to the farm on Whitehall Lane and to feed the hogs, Pestoni began picking up food and dairy discards from local and Bay Area sources.He would recycle the glass, cardboard, crates and pallets that the goods came in. The food and dairy went to the hogs and in return, Pestoni would sell the hogs to the markets.

Bob and his brother, Marvin Pestoni, were awarded the first franchise agreement to pick up garbage in the Upper Valley unincorporated area of Napa County in 1963. In 1966, the Pestoni Family farm received its first load of wine grape pomace (stems, skins and seeds removed from the winemaking process) for compost thereby pioneering a new method of restoring soil and reducing emissions.

Inspired by the first Earth Day, on Feb. 21, 1971 the first recycling event was held in St. Helena, sponsored by Upper Valley Disposal Services. From its origin to the present day, Upper Valley Disposal Services remains a leader in sustainability, recycling, and renewable energy.

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What we do

Our sustainable methods include pomace collection for over 50 years, which keeps waste out of our watersheds and river, and certified organic compost production for 30 years which reduces our community’s carbon footprint and helps our soil remain healthy. It is important to us to be considerate neighbors as we have invested several million dollars in operational systems to improve compliance, protect our local streams and river, reduce odors and air pollution. With SB1383 and changing CA Air Resources Board regulations for composting facilities will require more technological investment which will further reduce emissions.

Upper Valley Disposal Services has diverted nearly 30,000 tons and Clover Flat has diverted over 75,000 tons of waste, just in the last two years, into recyclable, reuse products. The total avoided emissions by our operations removes over 30,000 MTCO2e each year. This is the equivalent of removing 46,000 passenger vehicles from the roadway and avoiding 12,000 household energy consumed. We are addressing climate change by providing programs and services that create avoided greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

Clover Flat Resource Recovery Park is a renewable energy provider. Rather than flaring the methane from this small Class 3 landfill, we invested $4M to collect and capture methane gas which is converted to electricity. Through a partnership with Pacific Gas & Electric Company, we are able to provide the city of Calistoga enough energy to power the equivalent of 800 residential homes continually.
Naturally occurring iron minerals in the soil that have been exposed to air and storm water have been a source of acidification. In 2019, the adjacent seasonal creek to the landfill was impacted, however, there was no evidence the Napa River was impacted. The maintenance practices have been corrected and erosion control measures have been significantly improved.

In early 2020, at Clover Flat, we installed a new Landfill Cover: Posi-Shield. Though its intended use is for soil cover and erosion control, we discovered that it does not burn and helped to stop spread of the Glass Fire. In addition, we have performed the following:

  • Established a 24-hour fire watch during fire season by creating a staging area for Illumination Technologies of California, LLC to use its IQ 24-Hour Fire Watch detection system.
  • Developed a robust Fire Management Plan which has resulted in no onsite fires since the summer of 2018.
  • Substantially increased the dedicated onsite fire water storage capacity and hydrant system at Clover Flat.
  • For our customers and Napa Valley residents, we are here to provide environmentally sound disposal of fire debris.

The Company welcomes all inquiries and will be happy to provide a tour to anyone who is interested, as we have done many times for many interested people from neighbors to elected official to regulators to school children. We will continue to assist Napa County and its residents with providing programs and services to combat climate change.

Our Team

Leadership Team at UVD&R

Steve Peterson

Steve Peterson, is the President and CEO of Upper Valley Disposal & Recycling and Clover Flat Resource Recovery Park. He is the former Senior Vice President of Union Bank, where he specialized in the waste industry.

Kano Galindo

Kano Galindo, CFRRP Manager, has over 30 years of experience managing landfills, recycling and transfer station facilities. He formerly worked for Waste Management and Waste Connections.

Ray Holmes

Ray Holmes, Chief Financial Officer, has 30 years of experience, including time with Waste Management, working in the solid waste management and recycling industry.

Bryce Howard

Bryce Howard, General Manager, has worked for 40 years in the industry, including Waste Management and Republic Services.
Frank Pachote, Senior Operations Manager, has nearly three decades of experience in the waste management industry throughout Northern California. In addition, Frank is also experienced in fire facility maintenance and operations.

Christy Pestoni

Christy Pestoni, Chief Operating Officer at UVDS/Clover Flat Resource Recovery Park, 31 years in the family business. Past President California Refuse Removal Council, former Sustainable Napa County board member and former member of St Helena Climate Protection Task Force.

Kimberly Scheibly

Kimberly Scheibly, Franchise Contract Compliance & Customer Relations Director, has 12 of experience with the waste industry working. She serves on the Boards of the California Compost Recycling Council and Resilient Neighborhoods and is an active member of the Northern California Recycling Association, Resource Recovery Coalition of California, and the California Resource Recovery Association.

Partnering with Local Non-Profits

UVDS co-hosts an annual fundraiser called “Dinner at the Dump” with the Boys & Girls club which has raised over $200,000 over the last 20 years. We are active members of the Yountville, St. Helena, and Calistoga Chambers of Commerce where we play a role in supporting our local businesses and strengthening our local economy.

We are an active partner in the Napa Green program supporting local wineries and businesses to become a Green-certified business. It is part of our mission to educate our community on sustainability practices along with using sustainable practices to protect our local environment. We co-host annual Earth Day events and hold household waste events along with providing environmentally safe disposal kits, to our community, after the recent wildfires.

UVDS donates compost to local schools for their vegetable gardens and landscaping. We also provide educational tours and materials to all schools to learn about waste processing, recycling, composting, landfill operations, and renewable energy.

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Upper Valley Disposal & Recycling (UVD&R)
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We’ve been serving the Upper Napa Valley community for over almost 60 years. Both companies are environmental leaders recognized for their innovation and ingenuity by National Geographic, California Department of Food & Agriculture, CalRecycle, OMRI, among others.

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